The Gold Coast Glow Story



Gold Coast Glow is born out of a love for the classic beach worshipping days of the GC during the 1970’s and 80's.  When Surfers Paradise was adorned with bikini-clad girls, surfer babes and crowds flocked to the Pink Poodle. The days of bronzed skin and salty hair. The era glowed.

"Growing up on the Gold Coast, the sun and sea are all part of your daily backdrop. Though sun damage and skin cancer, while not sexy, is a serious and ever present concern when you live the coastal life. A tan should not cost you your health, which is why I strongly advocate for sun safety and wanted to create a fake-tan that also did not deliver any other toxins to your body," said founder, Chelsea. 

"As I said, being a GC local I KNOW fake tan. We dipped ourselves in it basically growing up. There are many Australian brands I absolutely love, but something was missing. I wanted natural ingredients that still delivered a noticeable glow and I just wanted it to work harder for me. GC girls live an active life and need beauty products to keep up." 

Which is how Gold Coast Glow was born. A fake tan that gave the locals-only look. Gold Coast Glow delivers a natural, orange-free, streak-free radiance. Gold Coast Glow brightens your skin, hydrates and colour corrects to even your skin tone – you are just a few sprays away from a natural Gold Coast Glow.

Join the #glowgang. 

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