Tan water? What the what?


So what is self-tanning water? And no you don't drink it. 

Tan water is a bit of a revolutionary unicorn to the tanning scene as it’s super hydrating (duh it's water based). 

A revolutionary, hydrating liquid you simply spritz over face and body which develops gradually over four hours into a golden glow. 

Being water based makes it clear, meaning it doesn't stain or have that fake tan smell. GC Glow lightly smells of eucalyptus and peppermint making you feel super fresh, thanks to these natural oils (subtle pitch there). 

I want to make sure you really understand that - fake tan water means no stains. NO STAINS. That means no stains on your bed sheets, no stains on your clothes and no war zone looking bathroom post tan. Nothing! Because it is clear! CLEAR!

And no smell. NO SMELL! Anyone else hate that fake tan smell? I can't even explain it but it just lingers on your sheets, your clothes...I don't think I'm the only one that has 'fake tan PJs. You accept the stains and smell will never leave them so they are destined to a life of tan nights (RIP plaid PJ pants). But now, total game changer with fake tan water. You will not stink! What a time to be alive. 

So how do you apply a clear tanning solution? Well it’s simple...exactly the same as you normally would. While the product is clear, you can see it as you apply, as it will be wet when you first spray on — you then blend in as normal. When first applying, we suggest people only apply a light coat, to best see how the colour develops on their skin and then they will know how heavy they want to go with the application. 

The most important part to ensure an even tan with no streaks is to make sure you are completed exfoliated and moisturised 24-hours before application. As this product is super hydrating, it will absorb more into dry areas, which is why we suggest to place lotion on those danger zones before applying, such as knees, feet, hands, elbows and under arms. To read our best tips on how to apply, click here.

Have any questions on fake-tan water? Ask them below and we will try and act like we know what we are talking about. 

Love Chelsea xoxo

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