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Kelly is the Queen of beauty. Writing for Showpo and co-hosting Mamamia podcast, You Beauty, she knows a thing or 225 when it comes to beauty products. 

We sent her a bottle of GC Glow to get her thoughts, check out how she went trying a tan water for the first time....

Gold Coast Glow Tanning Water

I bloody hate ‘gradual tans’ – I honestly just don’t see the point. Sure, I get wanting a ‘light glow’ over my generally favoured ‘tan AF’ hue ‘; but I don’t see the point in stained sheets and a perpetual over-baked biscuit scent radiating from your pores, results you’ll get from a daily gradual tan application. Well ladies, welcome a tanning water into your life. The name confused me greatly when I unwrapped it but basically, water is a lot easier to work with and results in a natural, streak-free colour. It also doesn’t transfer because it’s colourless and doesn’t have an overly offensive smell so you could actually wear it to work after applying in the morning.

Featured originally in Showpo Edit, 'What's Landed On My Desk Lately' by Kelly McCarren. To view the complete article, click here. 

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