Gold Coast Glow Tanning Water

So you wanna know about our self-tan water? Well, let us answer some common questions for you.

Why choose Gold Coast Glow over other tanning products?

Because we want you to, duh. Besides that, if you are looking for your tanning product to do more like enhance your skin's beauty and actually be kind to your body — than GC Glow is for you. GC Glow is packed with hydrating and natural ingredients such as coconut, chia seed and avocado oils — as well as colour correcting technology to even your skin tone. Now that's a little bit special isn't it?

GC Glow is super easy to apply and best of all, it will deliver YOUR most natural tan ever, as it works with YOUR skin. The added beauty of tanning water is it doesn’t stain or transfer onto clothes or bed sheets, so your laundry will be eternally happy with you. Which means you could actually apply in the morning before work to be tan for the event that night — did we mention it also doesn't smell? You're welcome!

Oh and we should mention, our product does not contain any parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or phosphates **hair flick**.

Colour correcting...explain?

If you use a certain colour base it can eliminate a shade and even tones on the skin. Basically, opposite hues cancel each other out. In the case of our medium tan, it is a green base, meaning it cancels out redness. The green pigments in our medium water effectively hides redness, stress appearance and inflammation on the skin.

What is tan water? Do I drink it?

Please do not do that. Tan water is a bit of a revolutionary unicorn to the tanning scene as it’s super hydrating (duh it's water based).

Being water based makes it clear, meaning it doesn't stain or have that fake tan smell. GC Glow lightly smells of eucalyptus and peppermint making you feel super fresh, thanks to these natural oils. Take that refreshing feeling to the next level by keeping your tan water in the fridge.

Ok, I get tan water but applying a fake tan that is clear freaks me out! How do I do it?

Trust me, we get this question a lot. First time testing the product many of us were terrified about waking up the next morning looking like a piece of abstract art. Spoiler alert: we didn't, we woke up glowing.

So how do you apply a clear tanning solution? Well it’s simple...exactly the same as you normally would. While the product is clear, you can see it as you apply, as it will be wet when you first spray on — you then blend in as normal. When first applying, we suggest people only apply a light coat, to best see how the colour develops on their skin and then they will know how heavy they want to go with the application.

The most important part to ensure an even tan with no streaks is to make sure you are completed exfoliated and moisturised 24-hours before application. As this product is super hydrating, it will absorb more into dry areas, which is why we suggest to place lotion on those danger zones before applying, such as knees, feet, hands, elbows and under arms.

What type of colour can I expect from Gold Coast Glow Medium tan?

This product gives a golden hued glow, making it perfect for all skin tones. Formulated with a green colour correcting tanning base to reduce redness, calm the skin and give a rich natural looking tan.

Will I turn orange?

Nope. You can rest easy. GC Glow works with YOUR skin's natural tone to deliver a glow that works best for you and only you. Think of GC Glow as your own bespoke tanning solution.

How do I prep and apply the tan water?

  • Exfoliate and remove any hair (if you do) 24-hours before application.
  • Slather on a heap of moisturiser 24-hours before application.
  • Do not wash hair just before you apply, as the conditioner can leave a film on your skin, causing the tan to streak.
  • Cold rinse before applying to close your pores.
  • Apply a little bit of moisturising lotion to those danger zones: hands (including nails and cuticles), elbows, knees, ankles/feet and under arms. These areas absorb tan LOADS, so you want to make sure these areas that are the giveaway of any tan are keeping your secret. 
  • We recommend to start from the legs and work your way up. So spray directly onto skin until saturated and then blend with a tanning mitt or hands in sweeping motions. Leave face, hands and feet last. 
  • We always recommend to put a little bit of lotion on the inner wrists and rub together to blend out the colour there to reflect the way we naturally tan there — which is a gradual colour development up the inner arm. Lightly do this on knuckles as well. 
  • Cold blast your body with a hair dryer to help it dry quicker. 
  • To avoid creases, lightly put some baby powder on the inside of elbows, armpits and back of knees. 

When can I shower?

We recommend showering 4-12 hours after tan application, if you want a tan that lasts wait 12 hours. During this time avoid swimming and sweating!

How long will my tan last?

Look it really depends. As all fake tans depend on your skin and how it sheds. Your tan however should last between 4-10 days depending on your skin type. To help extend the life of your tan, keep your skin moisturised, avoid hot showers, chlorinated pools and body oils.

Can I apply Gold Coast Glow to my face?

Sure can babe.

Does Gold Coast Glow contain SPF?

It doesn't BUT you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wear sunscreen to protect that beautiful skin of yours. Get your tan from a bottle, not from the sun and your skin will thank you later.

Should I patch test?

We recommend a patch test 24 hours prior to applying. If you have any concerns, please always consult your doctor or dermatologist.

Can I use Gold Coast Glow if I'm pregnant or breast feeding?

In your first trimester we don't recommend it, however self-tanning products are confirmed safe for use during remaining pregnancy and breastfeeding. We do recommend you speak to your doctor first and patch test.

Can Gold Coast Glow be used by all ages?

GC Glow is suitable for all ages! We strongly suggest doing a patch test on younger skins first however to check for any sensitivities.

Do you test on animals?

A big fat NO. We at GC Glow believe there is no space for animal testing in today's world. We support all beauty brands who are aligned in this belief and hope all our #glowgang does as well.

Frankie (our GC Glow ambassador) supports this message.

Part b of this question, who is Frankie?

Frankie is our founder's rescue dog. Frankie is known as Chelsea's foster fail. She fostered him but couldn't let him go, so quickly adopted the seven-year old Samoyed. He is incredibly pale, so maybe not the best ambassador for a tanning solution but he suits our before pictures pretty well.

Will you launch a darker option and other products?

Yassss! We have launched with our medium colour as it is the most suitable for all skin types as it colour corrects any redness on the skin. Next however, will be our dark tan water. This is a violet base designed to give a natural bronzed glow and is best for skin tones looking to hide orange, yellow and ash undertones. 

Got a question we haven't covered? Send us an email x