Top beauty hacks

Beauty hacks make you feel like the James Bond of your day. One minute your smashing a work presentation, next your securing your skirt back together with nothing but chopsticks and hope.

They are empowering little things that make you want to share them with the girl next to you, much like when you are wearing a fancy looking dress that is really “just from Kmart guys!!!”

So, in my 31 years of life I have acquired a few of these life savers, and as my civil duty as a woman, I wish to share them with you lucky thangs.

Avoid new shoe blisters by rubbing Vaseline on the danger zones.
By reducing the friction points through lubrication you totally avoid the development of blisters.

Out of dry shampoo? Reach for the baby powder.
This is actually the original dry shampoo and is still favoured by many hair stylists. 

Get a little sweaty in the pitts but don’t want to say bye to that sleeve life?
Place panty liners or a thin pad in the under arms of blazers, jackets and shirts. This also helps stretch out the wash cycle for blazers.

Travelling and forgot your make-up?
Panic! Just jokes. You don’t need to buy everything, use items to double up. A bronzer stick can be used as an eyeshadow, cream blush can be used as a lip stick, mixing that bronzer stick with a concealer stick and blending will give you the right shade of coverage and hair spray can be used to replace eye brow gel.

Stayed over a your new lovers and only have what’s in the kitchen to clean your face?
Use olive oil to remove your makeup, as the oil breaks it down as well as deeply conditions your skin, follow with apple cider vinegar diluted with water as a toner and moisterise with coconut oil.

Brow hairs and no tweezers?
If you have been tweezing or waxing for many moons, you can actually just squeeze out those strays like pimples. You only need to do it lightly and those bad boys will pop right out.

Put on your fav outfit and there are lint balls all over it?
Run that razor over them.

Need an overnight treatment for pimples, irritated and dry skin that doesn’t cost a bomb?
Sudocrem. Yes like the nappy rash cream. Containing zinc oxide it is an incredible overnight treatment for troubled skin, it will make a noticeable difference to your skin as well as leave it as smooth as a baby’s bum!


Out of makeup setting spray?
Spray Gold Coast Glow tan water over your makeup to set, hydrate and surprise you with a beautifully bronzed face when you wash your makeup off.

Got a massive spot and need to go out?
Conceal and pop a makeshift beauty spot on it using an eye pencil.


Your pony looking a little flat?
Place two bobby pins under the pony into the hair tie facing down towards the crown, but only insert about halfway. Then fluff your pony a bit, and flip back down over the hair tie. The bobby pins will help give it a lift and avoid it from sagging.


Only have two bobby pins and need them to do the work of four?
You have been using them wrong! The wavy side should sit on your head, and the flat side should be visible. This will hold more hair.


Out of soap and need to shave?
Conditioner makes for a great shaving cream.


These are just a few of my favourites, but honestly go buy yourself some Sudocrem, it is an underrated muti-use beauty product. Some women ever swear by it as a primer.


What is your beauty hack?

Chelsea xox

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