Galentines Day Special

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The older I get the more I realise how much I NEED my friends to get through the days strung between Thursdays. 

My best friends are my constant inspiration and drive to be better, do better and hell, look better (thanks for the lip gloss Sair). 

Without them I wouldn't be me, and without them I would not have weathered the storms of life. 

In just the last six months, all of them saved me from my internal ledge. 

Sarah for taking my midnight call when my boyfriend broke up with me and I thought life as I knew it was over (spoiler: it wasn't, it was just beginning). 

Christie for pouring me a BIG glass of wine when work was just not working and reminding me what's important. 

Karla for always taking the time out of her extremely busy day running two businesses for a coffee so I can vent.

Our girls get us through the already tough world when you are born with a lady chromosome. 

So in honour to the gals in our lives, let's switch up how we see Valentine's Day.

To all the lovers in our life, especially the female kind we will be LIVING the next week for Gal-entines Day. 

Treat yo' self to a bottle of our killer tanning water, and because you're a great gal, pick one up for your bestie for 50% off. Whattttt! Babe, it's cheaper than taking her for breaky....treat both yo'selves!. 

Simply enter code BFF4EVA. 

And hey if your bestie is your mum or your sister, treat them too! 

So here is how I think you should spend Thursday 14 February: 

  1. Message your bestie early in the week, because girls we love notice!
  2. Tell her to get scrubbing on Wednesday night because you got a surprise. 
  3. She comes over, you pour her a crisp rosé and tell her it's tanning time. 
  4. Best of all you can help each other get those tricky parts - seriously who can do their back properly? 
  5. Fire up MAFs and lol at how silly they are, you two have each other, what other soul mate do you need?
  6. Eat all the pizza, and drink all the wine and wake up GLOWING on Friday ready to hit the cocktails that night looking bloody mint. 

Sorted? You're welcome. 

Click here to grab your special babe. 

So tell me who your bestie soul mate is and what your dream Galentines Day with them would be?


Chelsea xoxo


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