5 ways to make your tan last longer

Just like a blow dry, it always seems your fake tan glow is never as fresh as day one.

Though just like when dry shampoo totally BLEW US ALL AWAY with the option to extend the life of a blow dry, there are a few simple tricks to keep those bronze pins of your staying on point.


1. The longest lasting fake tan starts BEFORE you tan

Preparation is key. Sorry ladies, but you can’t fake the base. Start preparing the skin before tan day, you should exfoliate at least a day before you plan to fake tan...gold star to those that do it a few days in the lead up.

After the scrub down, slather a lovely, rich moisturiser into the skin so your skin is even and smooth. This will make sure your skin is scrubbed, buffed and hydrated  before you spray it down with your golden gun of choice (have we mentioned Gold Coast Glow yet? Voted Best Fake Tan Water in the World at a competition we just made up).


2. Moisturise...the right way

Keeping the skin hydrated is what will make your tan last BUT if you use an oil-rich lotion you’re going to slip that tan right off (byeee) so just use your simple, no frills cream. Some may feel their skin gets drier with a tan and ‘ding ding ding’ you are correct. The key ingredient in fake tan is DHA (that’s what browns the skin) and it can dry the skin. Which is why it is key to up your moisturiser game.


3. Basic is best

You want to keep your showers simply. Don’t have them too hot and avoid fancy schmancy products that are “deeply moisterising” as this basically means “I'm going to leave a residue on your skin” which can break down your tan efforts.

While it makes sense to not exfoliate to keep your tan lasting longer, as your tan progresses light scrubbing will ensure you avoid any patchiness and your tan fades evenly.


4. Hydrate, duh.

Drink water babe. Do you need any more reason than it will keep you healthy and your skin glowing? Oh and will also help your tan last. Go drink some water now.


5. Sweat with confidence

One of the frustrating things with fake tanning is it can make us fearful to pop on a sports bra and get sweaty. Our sports bras can cause some patchiness due to the rubbing and our sweaty sesh’ can make that tan strip. But there is an easy fix in your bathroom cabinet. Talcum powder. Simply dust into those key areas like around your boobs, inner arms and wherever else you really get your sweat on. It acts as an invisible super shield for your tan, by stopping your bodies sweat from taking your tan off.


Try these tips next time you fake tan and get the most out of your tan. Did you know tan water is helping you extend your tan already thanks to its super hydrating ingredients? Consider switching to our ultra hydrating tan water, click here to check it out. 

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